12 Modern Fonts

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We have compile a list of Free Downloadable various type Fonts for personal & commercial use for Web Designers and Logo Artists by which you can save your money as well as time and focus on making great implementation and applications of these typeface designs.

01. Bellico Font Download

Bellico is a beauty script typeface with a large range of alternates that fits any kind of various purpose with a bunch of alternative character to easily create cool text,logos, headlines. etc. available through OpenType features. The OpenType features can be accessed by using OpenType savvy program such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign & CorelDraw X6-X7.


Bellico Font Download

02. Nidus Sans Font Download

Futuristic Sans Serif font by me. Download if you like it, use it as you see fit!

Designed by : Leo Ryberg


Nidus Sans Font Download

03. Wask Font Download

Wask started a few months ago as a Condensed, Sans Serif font, for business purposes, advertising, packaging, and also for publications. Most had two weights and even the Italics style. Also added characters to cover most European languages plus Greek.

Credits :- Vasilis Skandalos


Wask Font Download

04. HoneyDesign Font Download

Although we temporarily can not create exclusive planet, we create the exclusive font first.

Credits :- honeydesign.cc


HoneyDesign Font Download

05. Generica Font Download

Generica exists to help you cross projects off of your daily list and move on. With one super light weight and one super chunky weight (with foreign characters and even some ligatures) you have all of your bases covered. Both weights are available to use for personal or commercial projects absolutely FREE!

Credits :- MuraKnockout Media


Generica Font Download

06. Panthony Font Download

Panthony was inspired by a logo we created for a client which was not chosen from our presentation. We created three unique letters starting with the lower case r and p. It took us three years to get around to complete the typeface!

Credits : IYBI


Panthony Font Download

07. Ariadne Font Download

A Ariadne BR explora o conceito de labirinto. A ideia é explorar a ideia de um conjunto de caminhos feitos de modo a confundir quem o percorre, criando uma fonte relativamente condensada, com curvas concêntricas e que explora bastante a sinuosidade de suas formas.

Credits :- Projeto Tipo da Fonte


Ariadne Font Download

08. Refuge Font Download

Refuge is a handcrafted typeface that suits any vintage style design. Perfect for hand-lettering projects, t-shirts, logos, etc. Enjoy! License: Free for commercial/personal use.

Credits :- Grant Beaudry


Refuge Font Download

09. Bruss Font Download

Credits :- Akutype


Bruss Font Download

10. Ordnung Font Download

Ordnung is a modular modern Gothic typeface, it’s available for free.

Credits :- Przemysław Zięba


Ordnung Font Download

11. ModernFex Font Download

So, I have my exams this year and I was already searching for my next study in Graphical Design, but to get accepted I need to make something based on my future job. So I made my first own font. Please leave a comment to about what you think of it! Feel free to use it for your own work! Download

Credits :- Bram Meester


ModernFex Font Download

12. Perrella Typeface Font Download

Perrella is a monostroke sanserif typeface. This typface features two varients: a standard set of sans serif upper- and lower-case, and a set of stylistic alternates.

Credits :- Dylan Perrella


Perrella Typeface Font Download

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