13 Best Free Fonts

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We have compile a list of Free Downloadable various type Fonts for personal & commercial use for Web Designers and Logo Artists by which you can save your money as well as time and focus on making great implementation and applications of these typeface designs.

01. Reckoner Font Download

The result is “Reckoner”, a free for commercial/personal use typeface that features a secondary set of characters in the lowercase setting that can be placed in your designs to add a unique touch to certain words.

Designed by : alexdale.co


Reckoner Font Download

02. Lumberjack Font Download

This is my first font project. Thanks to Ivan Gladkikh & Typetype school.

Designed by : Aleksei Kalinin


Lumberjack Font Download

03. Charming Font Download

Charming is a hand drawn font inspired by the vintage american and folk lettering. It is suitable for logos, signage design, ads, posters and lettering quotes. The font is delivered in OpenType format and supports Latin, Greek and Cyrillic character set. Charming is free for personal and commercial use.

Designed by : Anastasia Dimitriadi


Charming Font Download

04. Miyagi Font Download

Yagi Link Double is a very famous 1970/80s typeface published within some old Letraset catalogues. I have just finished after over a hundred hours of work recreating the typeface Yagi Link Double, with my own twist and additions/changes. This was never produced for digital output, and has been requested many times.Technical details: 255 character set upper and lowercase, full ascii characters, opentype format compatible with PC and Mac, full manual kerning.


Miyagi Font Download

05. Clutchee Font Download

Generated in 2009 by FontLab Studio. Copyright info pending.


Clutchee Font Download

06. Hiroko Font Download

Hiroko is a remix of the multi-functional Hiruko typeface, with a bigger, bolder look and extra textured surface. Hiroko takes the functionality of its predecessor and turns it towards making an impact, so it does more than pass the message along, it makes it stand out and ensures that people read it. Hiroko comes with support for a number of languages, and has a finely crafted set of both upper and lowercase characters, round and friendly for a positive tone.


Hiroko Font Download

07. Liquide Font Download

LIQUIDE is created as a free typeface especially for you, created by Philip with love and a lot of coffee. You can use it for your website, for a fancy poster, or maybe even brand yourself with it. It takes a lot of work to create a font, every single glyph is made from scratch but based on existing fonts. This modern font is made from simple shapes with smooth edges, yet still a professional and simple influenced look and feel.

Designed by : Philip Fisser


Liquide Font Download

08. Mazak Font Download

Mazak Font is a brush hand drawn vector free font. Available for free to download in AI format

Designed by : Ewelina Gąska


Mazak Font Download

09. FOFER Handwritten Font Download

Sometimes the best projects are the ones created from a problem. We needed a specific font and couldn’t find it. What better way to solve a problem than to use our own handwriting?

Designed by : Angie Raess


FOFER Handwritten Font Download

10. Genome Font Download

Genome is a clean typeface with proportions for increased readability on screen. This typeface is open source (which means you can tweak, extend, subset — please read the Open Font License text) and free to use for personal and commercial projects.

Designed by : Alfredo Marco Pradil


Genome Font Download

11. Agne Font Download

AGNE is the result of my first attempt utilising Glyphs, a very powerful font design software, although not widely spread. It allowed me to develop a whole set of typefaces with only a few sketches, but a lot in mind.
Has been worked on since October ’13, and started as a project, supervised by the high-skilled typographer Marc Schütz, during my second semester as guest student at HfG Offenbach, Germany.
To him, I owe my many thanks!

Designed by : CARGONEBLINA ​


Agne Font Download

12. Dara1981 Font Download

Dara1981 is a new Georgian font. The idea of creating it was born in cold and dark Georgia when Georgian
was not used and even its scrip was not taken into account. The working on this font ended in 2015. The font is considered for vast size captions and titles such as posters and banners, as well as suspicious texts. It can be used for print.It’s light and thin letters make the font distinctive. Besides that you are capable of making individual changes if necessary.

Designed by : Temur Darakhvelidze and Ia Darakhvelidze


Dara1981 Font Download

13. Tessellate Font Download

Tessellate is a display sans serif typeface characterized through a combination of a geometric circle and ‘rivers’ flowing off select characters, inspired by organically formed channels that branch off of deltas. The typeface was hand drawn and rendered by SCAD student Kylee Barnard in Patrick Hogan’s Intro to Typeface Design class Fall 2015.

Designed by : Kylee Barnard


Tessellate Font Download

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