14 New Inspiring Fonts

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We have compile a list of Free Downloadable various type Fonts for personal & commercial use for Web Designers and Logo Artists by which you can save your money as well as time and focus on making great implementation and applications of these typeface designs.

01. Reis Font Download

Reis is a great font for posters and big powerful headlines, with a lot of personality!. Feel free to use in your projects and spread this great exclusive freebie around!

Designed by : Marcelo Reis


Reis Font Download

02. Hipster Font Download

Hello everyone! The week start with one more exclusive Freebie from us!. The really nice handmade font by Marcelo Reis Melo: BellaBoo. BellaBoo is an all caps font perfect for any kind of project the type also contain English, Spanish, German and Swedish characters. This font is available in the Formats: .OTF .TTF and WEB FONT!


Hipster Font Download

03. Tracks Font Download

Tracks type is all caps fonts inspired with railway tracks slash, static, dynamic, and clean. This fonts available in two different style, Regular and Italic. It was designed for display type such as headlines, poster, title, etc.

Designed by : Gumpita Rahayu


Tracks Font Download

04. Genome Font Download

Genome is a clean typeface with proportions for increased readability on screen. This typeface is open source (which means you can tweak, extend, subset — please read the Open Font License text) and free to use for personal and commercial projects.

Designed by : Alfredo Marco Pradil


Genome Font Download

05. Melma Font Download

Just a font made for fun. Hope you enjoy it.

Designed by : Rafa Miguel


Melma Font Download

06. Meedori Free Font Download

Designed in 2015 by Danilo De Marco for Meedori digital Studio, this font arose from the need to create a logotype that conformed with the visual identity of the company brand. Meedori Sans is a geometric font because its construction is inspired by the elementary shapes of geometry – circles, squares and triangles. It was created with the idea of conveying simplicity, linearity and modernism.


Meedori Free Font Download

07. Timber Font Download

Timber is a free font I made that’s very versatile as you can easily combine the letters with minimal effort in Illustrator to achieve great typographic effects. The lines are perfectly aligned to be connected to each other. Uppercase and lowercase also feature different letters. Feel free to use the font for personal/commercial projects, just don’t distribute it, upload it elsewhere or claim it as your own.

Designed by : Mehmet Reha Tugcu


Timber Font Download

08. Ahamono Monospaced Font Download

Ahamono is a free monospaced typeface.

Designed by : Alfredo Marco Pradil


Ahamono Monospaced Font Download

09. Distractor Free Font Download

This is Distractor a new typeface I’ve designed loosely based on Bevan. The inspiration behind this font was the old letterpress styles and hand printed lettering – I just love that hand printed style.

Designed by : simon stratford


Distractor Free Font Download

10. Brotherhood Font Download

Brotherhood Script font, available for free download for personal use.

Designed by : Youssef Habchi


Brotherhood Font Download

11. Brotherhood Font Download

Amicale is a friendly workhorse typeface.

Designed by : Alfredo Marco Pradil


Brotherhood Font Download

12. Layered Type Font Download

I decided just to release this layered display type for free. It’s not an actual working font, but vector based and fully customizable.

Designed by : Roy Veldkamp


Layered Type Font Download

13. Gant Font Download

Gant Free Font – the classy and bold typeface that adds an elegant look to everything.

Designed by : Marcelo Reis Melo


Gant Font Download

14. Standard Issue typeface Font Download

Standard Issue is a full cap typeface, consists of 3 styles – light, medium, and heavy. It allows you to utilize different level of ink texture pattern at ease. Uppercase and lowercase are the same alphabets but inked differently, in total there’s 6 inky options for each english alphabets. You will not find the same texture pattern reoccurring in the font.

Designed by : Yusof Mining


Standard Issue typeface Font Download

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