15 Fonts for Designers

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Today we give you a beautiful collection of handpicked free fonts. Lots of graphics designers use fonts as the centerpiece of their design projects. Custom designed fonts are a great solution for making your company stand out from the crowd. To communicate effectively, typography requires appropriate typefaces and there are a lot of fonts out there that can inspire you to create new, creative projects.

01. Streetwear Free Font Download

Streetwear is a bold and stylish retro inspired script typeface suitable for logo, poster, branding, packaging and t-shirt design. It looks like 1960s and 70s fashion and sport related typeface, unique and fun at the same time. A free font designed by Artimasa.


Streetwear Free Font Download

02. Blenda Script Font Free Download

Blenda Script is a free experimental font inspired by lobster font, a bold vintage script. It is best suitable for headlines, logos and vintage designs. Designed by Seniors Studio.


Blenda Script Font Free Download

03. Falling Free Font Download

Falling is a geometric and futuristic free font suitable for headlines and posters. It contains latin and cyrillic characters plus other 168 elements. It consists of a rectangular area of the same width. Designed by Viacheslav Olianishyn.


Falling Free Font Download

04. Marshall Free Font Download

Marshall is a free font developed to emphasize the interior and exterior construction of the letterforms. Designed by Lexi Griffith.


Marshall Free Font Download

05. Kaiju Free Font Download

Kaiju is a sans serif free font that comes in multiple weights (regular and bold). Its simplicity makes it a very legible display font, perfect for editorials. The equal emphasis on thick and thin allows for both bold and subtle aesthetics.

It is absolutely free and can be used for personal or commercial use. Any images used as backdrops are for example purposes only and belong to their respective owners. Created by Anthony James.


Kaiju Free Font Download

06. Fancy Me Free Font Download

Fancy Me is a mix between edgy, modern and yet feminine. This font is free for personal and commercial use. Designed by Marie-Michelle Dupuis.


Fancy Me Free Font Download

07. Aery Free Font Download

As you guys probably know by now, I am a font/typography addict. I guess I was probably even born to create fonts and explore in that area. So here I am, releasing my second font as a gift to you dear font-lovers and designers of all kind from around the globe. I describe it as a bodoni-inspired statement font as bad ass as glamorous with a serious load of charm. I am releasing it free-for-personal-use so may this be the font you were looking for to showcase your creativity in any way you like. Oh, and feel free to show me the result of your work, it’s always a pleasure! Hope you guys enjoy :)


Aery Free Font Download

08. Kari Free Font Download

Kari is a free uppercase font inspired by 55 Hi’s “EFF typefight”. Designed by Javier Rivero.


Kari Free Font Download

09. Barokah Free Font Download

Barokah is a free handwriting font inspired to comic sans. This typeface, providing alternative options and weights, is perfect for comics, posters, magazines and headlines. Designed by seruput.


Barokah Free Font Download

10. AC Line Free Font Download

AC Line is a free uppercase light font best suitable for headlines. It has been created by Annet Ch.


AC Line Free Font Download

11. Cylburn Free Font Download

Cylburn is a semi-connected script structurally based on Roundhand but written with a pointed brush and restrained tension that separate it from its traditional roots. You can download it for free on Lost Type just typing $0 to the donation field, or you can seriously make a donation for this great resource!

DOWNLOAD [Tip: Write 0 in the field to download]

Cylburn Free Font Download

12. Exo 2.0 Free Font Download

Exo started as a self commissioned project back in 2009 when I was an undergraduate student of Multimedia Design in ESAD.CR. The project stayed on the drawer for about a year but then I decided to work on it again. In 2011 Exo became a successful Kickstarter project and was then released for free and made available in Google Fonts Library. After that Exo became quite popular and Google commissioned a complete redesign which is now presented to you.

DOWNLOAD (subscribe to download)

Exo 2.0 Free Font Download

13. Mangerica Typeface Free Font Download

Mangerica incorporates different styles into a unique and consistent look. A pinch of script, a little of geometric and some humanistic shapes as well create a very distinguishable sans-serif. It has an overall happy feeling specially on the heavier weights that have intended contrast irregularities to create a ‘cartoonish’ look.

DOWNLOAD (semi bold & italic)

Mangerica Typeface Free Font Download

14. Exo Condensed & Expanded Free Font Download

Here are the condensed and expanded versions of Exo. With Exo Condensed & Expanded the Exo type system just got even more versatile. The same technological feel applied in different widths gives you surprising new options to play with.

DOWNLOAD (subscribe to download)

Exo Condensed & Expanded Free Font Download

15. Cinzel Typeface Free Font Download

Cinzel is a typeface inspired in first century roman inscriptions and based on classical proportions. However it’s not a simple revivalism. While it conveys all the ancient history of the latin alphabet it also merges a contemporary feel onto it. This typeface was primarily designed for screen, so while it has a large contrast I ensured that the font would work on a screen.

DOWNLOAD (subscribe to download)

Cinzel Typeface Free Font Download

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