15 Fonts for Graphic Designers

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We have compile a list of Free Downloadable various type Fonts for personal & commercial use for Web Designers and Logo Artists by which you can save your money as well as time and focus on making great implementation and applications of these typeface designs.

01. Golden Sans Font Download

Modern High Quality Font with 7 Styles from Stereotypes and Artill.

Designed by : Lukas Bischoff

Download Font

Golden Sans Font Download

02. The Heart of Everything Font Download

The Heart of Everything – free handwritten font. Free for personal and charity use.

Designed by : Misti Hammers

Download Font Demo

The Heart of Everything Font Download

03. Buffalo Font Download

Buffalo is a loopy & quirky monoline script font from Hustle Supply Co. This premium free font is vintage themed and perfect for branding and promotional projects! – Free for Personal & Commercial use.

Designed by : Pixel Surplus

Download Font

Buffalo Font Download

04. Hammock Font Download

Hammock is a handmade font, which comes in handy for everyone who looks for a fresh and nice look. The font embodies the passion for travellng, surfing, nature and everything else made with love. The font is made by the talented font creator Andreas Twardzik.

Download Font

Hammock Font Download

05. Paul Grotesk Font Download

The new Font „Paul Grotesk“ is a modern, clean, minimalist grotesque typeface with delicious detail. Created and published in collaboration by Fargus Meiser and Lukas Bischoff. It comes in 8 stylish weights and 3 are free to try. Designed with powerful opentype features in mind. Each weight includes extended language support, fractions, arrows, special numbers and more. It fits perfect for graphic design, editorial, corporate and any display use.

Designed by : Lukas Bischoff

Download Font

Paul Grotesk Font Download

06. Yaa Type Font Download

Designed by : Lukas Bischoff

Download Font Demo

Yaa Type Font Download

07. Back to Black Font Download

Calligraphic and handwritten font by Misti’s Fonts. I have made all the preview images to show the potential of this must-have free font. This font is free for personal and charity use. For a commercial license, Designed by : Misti’s Fonts.

Download Font

Back to Black Font Download

08. King Basil Font Download

This font was earlier with a name Spiffy McGee, but together with Missy we renamed it and I made a few inspiring preview images to let you guys see the full potential of this amazing font! This font is a Lite version of the Full King Basil, that contains a lot of swashes and connecting letters so to get everything out of this beauty, head on to the King Basil product page font by Missy Meyer.

Download Font

King Basil Font Download

09. Fredoka Font Download

Fredoka fonts, perfectly rounded and bold Fredoka One + Super Cute Fredoka Dingbats. I can think dozens of design projects where I could use this font, from website header displays to timeless bold logos. This font is made by the talented font creator Milena Brandao.

Download Font Demo

Fredoka Font Download

10. Smoothie Shoppe Font Download

It’s a great and super flexible font that is freely available for personal use! It comes with a lot features, punctuations and with some really unique connecting letters with swooshes. Check out the preview images to see what you can achieve with this font. If you need a commercial license for this font.

Designed by : Emily Spadoni

Download Font

Smoothie Shoppe Font Download

11. Highmax Font Download

Highmax’ is condensed display typeface from orphan font family.This typeface is perfect for Titles,Poster and other typography experiments. With BOLD,LIGHT and OUTLINE Styles. With BOLD,LIGHT and OUTLINE Styles.

Designed by : Jabir j3

Download Font

Highmax Font Download

12. Dubai Font Download

Dubai is extra condensed display typeface . this type is perfect for Titles,Poster and other typography work.

Designed by : Jabir j3

Download Font

Dubai Font Download

13. Honeycomb Font Download

Free for Personal & Commercial Use! What you get in your download is Honeycomb Round Regular / Italic / Swash / It Swash as well as Honeycomb Sharp Regular / Italic / Swash / It Swash (8 fonts), Glyph Chart, and a read me note. :) 2012 & 2016 | BFA Project / Self-Project: Honeycomb Round and Honeycomb Sharp is a font family derived from nature’s splendor and based off of organic and geometric wonders of the honeycomb. Process: When I first started this project in the Spring of 2012, I wanted to challenge myself to expand outside of my comfort zone and into unknown territories of creating a typeface. As a challenge, I also wanted to help grow a better understanding and gain confidence that I am capable of completing new skills when the opportunity does arise as a Graphic Designer. Now that 2016 has come and it has been 4 years since I last touched my project, I was determined to finalize my font creation and put it out there to share with others. To make it happen, I found a new font program that is friendly to Illustrator as an add on (and affordable) called Fontself (still in beta-testing and continuing updating improvements this year) and to use photography and product set up to promote. Materials: I mocked it up to promote Honeycomb by using honeycomb, honey, jars in the hexagon shape, a honey dripper, flowers, and bees. Side Note: Bees were not harm in the making of this project. I found them peacefully under one of my bushes. Created by Katrina Sutton

Download Font

Honeycomb Font Download

14. Nomura Grunge Font Download

Unique retro or vintage script style custom font for your new projects. Great for your creative/retro headers or identity!

Designed by : Pete Deeezy

Download Font

Nomura Grunge Font Download

15. Youarenot Font Download

This is a simple handwritten typeface by Design Individuals

Designed by : Design Individuals

Download Font

Youarenot Font Download

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