17 Amazing Fonts to Download

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We have compile a list of Free Downloadable various type Fonts for personal & commercial use for Web Designers and Logo Artists by which you can save your money as well as time and focus on making great implementation and applications of these typeface designs.

01. Turum Font Download

Turum FREE FONT Presented in two font faces, Turum was never meant to blow critic’s minds or anything, but it was forged with great passion and care for each and every single detail in every element to become finished product. It’s basic shape is stretched up body with a bit rounded corners and sharp edges to gain it more contrast. Turum should be used as complementary element in font-based compositions, for example in futuristic-themed environments. But it could also work well in credits section in movie posters or in disclaimer signs. Traditionally Turum is free for commercial and personal use.

Designed by : Alex Frukta & Vladimir Tomin

Download Font

Turum Font Download

02. Catesque Font Download

Catesque can make some distinctness for large scale design as well as small text. The traits versatilities usable for many design applications, it’s comes with five weights from light to black plus mathcing italics.

Designed by : Gumpita Rahayu

Download Font Demo

Catesque Font Download

03. Wild Free Font Download

It’s a beautiful handwritten font with a real wild spirit. Simply the precise factor for you if you wish to add some uncooked feeling in your design! The font is available in all well-liked codecs. We thank MediaLab workforce for offering us with this excellent freebie

Designed by : Jane Cross

Download Font

Wild Free Font Download

04. Navy Queen Font Download

The latest free font from Vintage Type Co.! It’s an extended sans-serif display font inspired by the De Stijl type commonly found on vintage nautical posters. Perfect for posters, signage, logos, cover art, and much more! Enjoy!

Designed by : Sean Coady

Download Font

Navy Queen Font Download

05. Numbers Font Download

Designed by : Paulo Granozio

Download Font

Numbers Font Download

06. Technical Forest v. 3.0 Download

Designed by : Maciej Świerczek

Download Font Demo

Technical Forest v. 3.0 Download

07. Zujal Font Download

There are a lot of handwritten or comic like fonts out there, but I found that they always have one or more very recognizable specific glyph which looks unnatural when repeated in custom text. And you have to outline the text first and than manipulate with shapes, which i didn’t found very practical.

Designed by : Igor Petrovic

Download Font

Zujal Font Download

08. Nebula-XY Font Download

The font’s made of optic fibers, long exposure and PS.It has two sections, X — Nebula and Y — Stars.

Designed by : Lenka Bollová

Download Font

Nebula-XY Font Download

09. Saldina Script Font Download

Saldina is a script font that combined brush lettering with traditional hand writing. Saldina is multipurpose and flexible, make it easy to match with another typefaces to create some beautiful project such as wedding invitation, vintage design, greeting card, poster, book cover, illustration, etc.

Designed by : Akmal vanroem

Download Font Demo

Saldina Script Font Download

10. Verano Font Download

Verano. A freeware font designed in 2013.

Designed by : La Tipomatica

Download Font

Verano Font Download

11. Olinda Font Download

Olinda is a free font inspired by a specific style of Victorian architecture, which is generally found all over the globe, yet is mostly based on the typical Victorian houses found in the UK.

Designed by : Luís Paulo

Download Font

Verano Font Download

12. Unik2 Font Download

Unik2 is the updated version of Unik made in 2009 by DavidisCreative. This version have a lot of more glyphes and all lowercase were reworked.

Designed by : Luís Paulo

Download Font

Unik2 Font Download

13. Pangram Typeface Font Download

The Pangram Typeface is the most complete of the Foundry fonts so far. It has over 2800 meticulously crafted glyphs spread though seven gorgeous weights from ExtraLight to Black. Inspired by some of the greatest geometric typefaces this complete font family will surely be your next “go to” font that shall uplift your designs and make them relevant and unique.

Download Font

Pangram Typeface Font Download

14. Valkyrie Font Download

The Valkyrie Type Family, including a set of 12 fonts with 186 glyphs per font, is free for use for personal and/or commercial works. TTF files are in attached file.

Designed by : Hendrick Rolandez

Download Font

Valkyrie Font Download

15. Kiwi Font Download

Kiwi free font, A casual and fresh font with strong personality. It would be a definite distinction for your designs, perhaps such as Comic Books, Posters, T-shirts and more. This Typefont has been designed by haytham galal, who was kind enough to make this Font available for free.

Designed by : haytham galal

Download Font

Kiwi Font Download

16. Invertor Font Download

Invertor is free decorative font for personal use. I created this font for training, that it is better to understand how fonts are created. But I think it is stupid not to share it. The font for posters, magazine titles, logos, monograms, etc.

Designed by : Olga Ryzhychenko

Download Font

Invertor Font Download

17. Belga Font Download

“Belga” is an uppercase typeface. and it’s my very first experimental font.

Designed by : rahul chandh

Download Font

Belga Font Download

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