Premium Fonts – Episode 11

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Here it is the 11th episode of premium fonts. As you know these fonts are available on the web for free yet are difficult to download. So our task to bring you close to the premium resource for free with ease of download. We will be releasing premium fonts once every week with six (6) fonts to download.

Please note that we have not breached or diffracted, any law, right, or obligation; violation; transgression as these fonts are paid yet still available for taking on other sites and we are just sharing them with you from the same sources.

01. Amelia’s Blue Font Download

Amelia’s Blue handmade marker new fonts. These fonts work done in vintage and retro logo design removes more at the forefront.Works great applied to logos, prints, quotes, magazine headers, clothing.

Download Dropbox | Download

Amelia's Blue Font Download

02. Anodyne Font Download

Anodyne is a warm and weathered all-caps font from Yellow Design Studio with hand-printed texture and unique shadow options. Features include four distress variations for each letter and at least two for every other character. Double-letter ligatures add realism by eliminating identical texture in adjacent characters.

Download Dropbox | Download

Anodyne Font Download

03. Baker Street Script Font Download

Baker Script is a single width typeface derived from handwriting. It’s flowing curves and slim weight makes it great for big text blocks or simple headlines. Included are a Regular and Light weight as well as Baker Street Title Regular and Light. Baker Street Title has extended uppercase characters which were designed for use as titles, names, places or Isolated cases. Go crazy using it for your wedding, graduation, or baby announcements. Its simple, elegant and great for any design project.

Download Dropbox | Download

Baker Street Script Font Download

04. Chromoxome Font Download

Chromoxome is a modular techno, all caps typeface designed by thmbnl. graphic design. Chromoxome suits perfect for headings and/or logo designs and contains an extensive glyph set (350+).

Download Dropbox | Download

Chromoxome Font Download

05. Fontaine Typeface Font Download

Fontaine is a typeface inspired by art deco style, detective stories, vintage headlines and ads. It includes uppercase letters, numerals and some punctuation.

Download Dropbox | Download

Fontaine Typeface Font Download

06. Graun Font Download

A grunge handmade typeface with bonus graphic elements.

Download Dropbox | Download

Graun Font Download

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