Gogóia Font Download

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We have compile a list of Free Downloadable various type Fonts for personal & commercial use for Web Designers and Logo Artists by which you can save your money as well as time and focus on making great implementation and applications of these typeface designs.

Source : http://trouge.com/

01. Lombok Font Download

Designed by Alexandre Pietra, upholds a fresh face to the freebie font stage. The minimal design and mid-gapped letter forms produce a stunning overall typeface, worthy of a download to your collection. Perfect for logo designs, poster layouts and even web design, this free Lombok font download will be a great addition to your font list and could spruce up your next design project.


Lombok Font Download

02. Metrica Font Free Download

Created by Trouge Founder Oliver James, Metrica font is a new uppercase, sharp and mechanical typeface. Inspired by architecture, Metrica font is designed with a flat, geometric design – made free for personal and commercial use. Using influences from perceptive views from building designs, Oliver wanted something very striking and somewhat recognisable. The Metrica font looks perfect in print, improving any future project you made have.

DOWNLOAD (upper case only)

Metrica Font Free Download

03. Delicate Free Font Download

Designed by French Design studio FAAK & PAAT, Delicate is a modern take on a 1920’s font style with a sharp and attractive appearance. The strong and well aligned font is perfect for any design project, with a free use for personal and commercial projects. Download the free Delicate font today to use on your next design creation.


Delicate Free Font Download

04. Growl Font Download

Designed by Arron Croasdell, Growl Rounded is a free experimental hand-drawn typeface released for personal use only. Created using MyScriptFont, this typeface is ‘see how it goes’ project that looks great as a rough font for less meticulous projects. We must warn you that this font requires some serious kerning, bit it’s worth the trouble.


Growl Font Download

05. Gogóia Font Download

Gogóia is a free, juicy font available for download at Trouge. Inspired by the Brazilian climate, the tropical typeface resembles the shape and outlines of a thorn fruit, known to grow in the southern American continent. Designed by Alan de Sousa, Gogóia is available for free under the creative commons license, allowing use for both personal and commercial projects. Download the free font today to use on your next project.


Gogóia Font Download

06. Geomanist Free Font Download

Created by the font guru’s at Atipo, Geomanist has the typical contemporary sans design that all typographers adore. Clean and elegant, with a combination of geometric shapes and humanistic beat, this free regular typeface is a great addition to your font collection. This download contains the free regular font with other weights available via the Geomanist website.


Geomanist Free Font Download

07. Pier Font Download

Created by Art Director Mathieu Desjardins, Pier is the quintessential modern and structured font for designers. Mathieu’s idea was to create a slightly off geometric font that would look as good very big or very small. Made to fit almost anywhere, Pier stretches the imagination right out to sea, producing a strong, bold and attractive front perfect for print, app or web outcomes. Free for personal use only, this Pier font is perfect to add to your typeface collection.


Pier Font Download

08. Moon Font Download

Created by British illustrator and designer Jack Harvatt, Moon Font is a new rounded, simple, space-ie typeface family, with both thin and bold variations. Made free for personal use only, this Moon Font is perfect to add to your collection. If you’re looking to feature moon in you’re next design project, affordable commercial licenses are available upon request to Jack Harvatt.


Moon Font Download

09. Besom Free Font Download

Introducing a new font “Besom”. It’s completely hand-drawn and free to use, created as a brush font for Rit Creative by designers Gatis Vilaks and Krisjanis Mezuliz. Besom font was made as a complement to one of their latest art projects, representing the concept of the idea into a visual typographical form. As besom font is drawn by hand with a brush, the name “Besom” came naturally as a sub-product of it’s functional being.


Besom Free Font Download

10. Jaapokki Font Download

Jaapokki font is a free typeface available for download at Trouge. The typeface is thick, well balanced and perfect for print projects. Jaapokki was created by designer Mikko Nuuttila along with another font, Anson. Download the free font today to feature in your next design project.


Jaapokki Font Download

11. Gidole Font Download

This free Gidole font is a regular, rounded, sharp and attractive typeface. Designed by Andreas Larsen, inspiration came from his childhood town of Gidole, therefore Larsen conveniently named his font after it. Gidole is a small beautiful rural town in Ethiopia overlooking the Great Rift Valley. Larsen regards this free Gidole font as his own take on the old trusty Deutsches Institut für Normung #145, which has been made for an upcoming app design.Download the free Gidole font today for use on your next design project. Gidole is perfect for web and app design interface, looking sharp and precise on printed documents alike.


Gidole Font Download

12. Kirvy Font Free Download

Kirvy is a font family available to download for free at Trouge. The typeface, similar to Nivo Font, is thin, curved, sharp and contemporary. Kirvy was created as a family font by designer Youssef Habchi and features, thin, medium and bold versions. Download the Kirvy free font today for personal or commercial use.

DOWNLOAD (upper case only)

Kirvy Font Free Download

13. Nivo Font Download

Nivo is a free font available for download at Trouge. The typeface is thin, curved, fresh and very fashionable. Nivo was created as a typography project by Nuno Leal and has risen in popularity since. Download the free font today to use on your next project.


Nivo Font Download

14. Montserrat Font Download

The Montserrat font is also available as a google web font, which is available here. This makes integration into any website as simple as including the css file or @include.


Montserrat Font Download

15. Azedo Font Download

Azedo is a beautiful typeface that plays with the idea of low gravity. This effect is most prominent in the type crossbars and heights. The free font by designer Pedro Azedo, is released in both bold and thin typefaces, allowing you to experiment in more depth.


Azedo Font Download

16. Big John / Slim Joe Free Font Download

Here’s a great font to work into everyday design, the strong yet simple flow of the Big John type is great for print projects whereas the thinner more crisp Slim Joe type is perfect for a retina display. Download the Big John / Slim Joe font-set today free.


Big John Slim Joe Free Font Download

17. Nexa Rust Font Download

Nexa Rust from the designers at FontFabric, is an exciting multifaceted font system consisting of font sub-families Sans, Slab, Script, Handmade and Extras. These sub-families contain numerous font weights which have a characteristic warm, rough look and display a few degrees of saturation.


Nexa Rust Font Download

18. Brig Font Download

This free Brig font by designer Filipe Rolim might be the gem you are searching for. Download the font today and be sure to notify Trouge of your font creations via Twitter.


Brig Font Download

19. Anders Free Font Download

Designed by British Graphic Designer and student Tom Anders Watkins, this experimental font project was made for everyone. With “overwhelming support” Tom produced a clean and uppercase-only typeface, taking inspiration from modern font designs that mix modern and classic styles. Anders font is free to use commercially or personally.


Anders Free Font Download

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